Water Booster Systems Accessories

Upgrade your System to Variable Speed Drives.

Itt Goulds Aquavar or Hitachi VFD’s

Reduce Operating Costs and Maintenance Costs

Controls the speed of the pumps, allowing them speed up or slow down according to pressure demand. VFD Systems require no Pressure Reducing Valves since the PR valves are replaced by Check Valves, there by eliminating the yearly PR valve Maintenance.

Upgrade Panel
a cost effective alternative to replacing your booster system.
The Digital Upgrade utilizes your existing starters and breakers/fuses, and pumps.
The Digital Upgrade incorporates a micro-processor and software which is programmed specific to your pump configuration resulting in the following benefits:

  • Pumps staged per demand determine by your pump configuration
  • Replaces Slow reacting Pressure Switches with a fast response Transducer
  • Protect against low city pressure (high system pressure available)
  • Lead pump failure
  • High flow-start of standby
  • Remote alarm annunciation
Hydro-Pneumatic Bladder Tank
Highly Recommended on all systems

  • Selection of capacities and maximum pressure ranges.
  • Fiberglass or Steel,
  • ASME or Non-ASME
  • New or Used
Pressure Reducing Valves

  • Watts
  • Cla Valve
  • Mustang
Inertia Base Springs  
Flanged Isolators (Rubber Sphere)

  • Flanged rubber sphere isolators for suction and discharge manifolds to further reduce normal transmitted vibration. 150 and 300 lbs.
Pressure Gauges

  • EZ Read Liquid Filled
  • 0-100 PSI Range
  • 0-200 PSI Range
  • 0-300 PSI Range
  • 0-400 PSI Range
Surge Protector

Surge Capacitors pick up where lightning arrestors leave off and protect you against the smaller surges, which occur every day. Varying levels of current occurring when appliances turn on and off, or when power to a local grid is lost or regained brings on these surges. Over time, the constant wear-and-tear of these surges will permanently damage delicate electrical components. While surge capacitors are fully capable of guarding against the smaller fluctuations in current and voltage, they are unable to provide protection against large voltage spikes. This is why it is best to have both a lightning arrestor and a surge capacitor installed

Lightning Arrestor

A lightning arrestor helps to provide immediate, and reliable protection against the high voltage surge (such as that of a lightning strike) on your building or power lines. These units will last a lifetime, except in the extreme cases of rare excess surges. This particular type of surge is particularly devastating to electrical components, almost always rendering them useless. In addition, if you are not protected against high voltage surges, an electrical fire can easily be started within moments as a result of high current levels rushing through building wires.

Phase Monitor P.M. Phase Monitor P.M.

  • Upon phase loss, low voltage, and high voltage or phase regeneration, Monitor will disable all motors. Monitor will reset automatically .L.E.D. monitors normal mode
Line Reactors Line Reactors

Do you have problems with your existing variable-frequency drives (VFDs)? If so, 3-phase line reactors may be a very viable solution. A line reactor acts not only as a current-limiting device, but it also filters the waveform and attenuates electrical noise and transients associated with the system and helps to extend the service life of the VFD and motor.

Temp Purge Solenoids Each Pump Temp Purge Solenoids Each Pump

  • Temperature Sensor and Purge Solenoids for each Pump
  • Recommended for pumps over 25 horsepower
Emergency Generator Transfer Connection Emergency Generator Transfer Connection

  • Emergency Generator Power Connection and start of pre-selected Pump(s)
Digital Flow Indicator
  • A paddle wheel flow transducer produces a frequency proportional to the flow rate. The LCD display will provide GPM. flow readout
Monitor you System from a Remote Location

  • This Remote Monitor is the size of a light switch and can be flush mounted in a wall, Console monitor pump control panel operation, Green light for Normal
  • Operation, Red Light for Alarm Conditions. Includes remote reset switch.
  • This Monitor allows the Pump system to be monitored from a remote location such as a Guard Station, Front Desk or the building engineers’ office to alert you to a problem before your
    tenants do.
  • Easy Installation using low volt 4 wire cable
Control Panel Cooling Control Panel Cooling
Heat inside the enclosure can reach critical temperatures and result in component failures
We have your solutions

  • Fans
  • Vents and Grills
  • Intakes
  • Air Conditioning
System Enclosures
Enclose your entire system, Proven Protection from the Elements and Vandalism!

  • Laminated fiberglass construction
  • Insulated for strength and sound protection
  • Ultra violet stabilized
  • Lockable
  • Vented for cool pump operation
  • Deters theft damage


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