Control Upgrade Panel

The Digital Upgrade is available for Duplex Triplex and Quad Systems

The Specialized Pump Digital Upgrade is a cost effective alternative to replacing your booster system.
The Digital Upgrade utilizes your existing starters and breakers/fuses, and pumps.
The Digital Upgrade incorporates a micro-processor and software which is programmed specific to your pump configuration resulting in the following benefits:

  • Pumps staged per demand determine by your pump configuration
  • Replaces Slow reacting Pressure Switches with a fast response Transducer
  • Protect against low city pressure (high system pressure available)
  • Lead pump failure
  • High flow-start of standby
  • Remote alarm annunciation

The Digital Upgrade has a built in information message center which acts like an “on- board” maintenance manual prompting you through the correct steps for the current situation.

    The Message Center displays:

  • Current Status
  • Problem Status (alarms)
  • Problem resolutions – How to Correct Them
  • System Restart Instructions
  • Records and Displays previous error counts

This complete unit with individual illuminated Hand-Off-Auto selector switches is in a Nema 3R steel enclosure.