RotoFloat Line of Products

Sump, Grinder, Storm, Elevator, Sanitary orSewage 

Effluent and Sewage pumps, panels and accessories

designed for residential and commercial applications




Goulds, Grundfos, Meyers, Ebbara, Zoeller, and Little Giant Pumps are a few of the Pump Manufacturers we use in our systems.
Roto-Float System Standard Features

  • Audible Alarm – A horn will acknowledge any alarm condition
  • External Silencer Button – External Nema 4X silencer button
  • Alternation of Pumps
  • Red Warning Light – on top of the control panel illuminates in conjunction with the warning alarm.
  • Underwriters Labs (UL) Listed and approved (E130708)

Roto-Float Control Panel Option List

Surge Protector: AC Line Surge Protection
Lightning Arrestor: Lightning Protection
Elapsed Time Meter: Elapsed Time Meter for Each Pump
Phase Monitor: Ensure All 3 Phases are equal
Intrinsically Safe: Safety Device incorporating low voltage
Mechanical Seal Failure: Seal Failure Protection for the Pumps
Heat Sensor (Terminals): Temperature Protection for the Pumps
Emergency Generator Connection: Exterior Connector for Emergency Generator
Main Breaker: Standard  w/ External Disconnect Handle
Main Disconnect: One Switch Disconnects All Power
Dry Contacts: Use for Remote Alarm Annunciation
Duplex Receptacle 110VAC: G.F.I. 110 V.A.C. Outlet in Panel
Inner Door: Aluminum Inner Door
Power On Light: Requires Inner Door Option
Indicating Lights (Level): Requires Inner Door Option
Enclosures Choices: Steel (Standard)


Stainless Steel



Submersible Pump Layout Configuration



Sump  Pump Layout Configuration

Roto-Float System Accessory List
  • Fiberglass
  • Poly
  • Standard or Anti-Float
Basin Lids:
  • Steel · Aluminum · Poly
  • Standard or Traffic Bearing
  • Door-Hatch Simplex or Duplex
Slide Rails:  For Submersible Pumps
Guide Pipes:  Stainless Steel – Custom Cut Lengths
  • Normally Open or Normally Closed
  • Cord Lengths from 20 to 100 Feet
Float Holders (Stainless Steel):  Stainless Steel
Lifting Mechanisms:   S.S. Chain or Cables
Valve Boxes:  Fiberglass

  • At time of Delivery, Specialized Pump Company, Inc. will warrant each water pumping system against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of One (1) year.
  • Each pre-piped S.P.E.C. electrical control panel will be covered by a One (1) year warranty on all internal electrical controls.


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We will provide training at System Startup and have 24/7 Emergency Service


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