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waiting for hot water at your shower or sink?
Feel guilty about wasting water while you wait?
The Grundfos Comfort System brings savings and comfort to your life by giving you hot water in an instant from any source in your home.
This efficient hot water recirculating system keeps water constantly hot—saving you water, money and precious time.
  • Instant Hot Water
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Grundfos Comfort System

Grundfos Comfort System – Hot Water Recirculation System

The water circulation system that eliminates cold water runoff at the faucet using a bypass valve and pump with a timer to control water flow.
In Florida, the average household consumes 85,822 gallons of water per year at an annual cost of $214.14*. With new housing starts estimated to reach 130,774 per year by 2000, annual water consumption by new houses alone will total more than 11 billion gallons at a cost of nearly $28 million per year. Were all new houses built in Florida to include a Grundfos hot water recirculation system (with an average 200 foot supply line), water saved would total 16,534** gallons per year per household. The corresponding annual water bill would be reduced by more than $40 and the energy bill by approximately $83

   . In total, hot water recirculation could save the state of Florida more than 2 billion gallons of water per year and save new homeowners more than $5 million in annual water charges.


  • No return line required
  • No electricity needed under the sink
  • Use less energy than a 25-watt light bulb
  • Can save up to 16,000 gallons of water per year, per household

Save Up to 12,000 Gallons of Water a Year. You Save Time and Money.
Residential Hot water recirculation System requiring no separate return line.